Marbled Clay Erasers

While visiting New York last weekend, my sister and I took our annual pilgrimage to Five Below. We don’t have them on the West Coast so I like to make a stop there when I’m visiting. Just like my sister needs her annual visit to Daiso here in California. Five Below has some fun crafts supplies, one of them being eraser clay (you can also find a set on Amazon)…


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Mini Mug Makes “Anime Characters”

Because I have been unsuccessful with balancing traveling, the consulting work I’ve been getting (yay) and the blog – I’m riding Mini Mug’s creative coat tails for this post…

Over the course of the past 2 days she has created not one, not 2, but 9 different drawings that she calls her Anime characters. As you can see for yourself, they are so fun and creative.

She has a story for each (or the beginning of stories), such as Starlight and Stary are sisters, and Stary’s hair accessories have magical powers.

She is in the process of coloring them in now, but – if I can find the time, I’d LOVE to trace them in Illustrator and color them (based on her choices, of course). Maybe we’ll even animate them and she can bring her stories to life.

Like I said, super fun and creative. At least one of us currently is :).


Polymer Clay Heart Bracelets

I wanted to make Mini Mug something special for Valentine’s Day, something that I would also make for myself. You see, I will be traveling on Valentine’s Day and won’t be with Mr. or Mini Mug. So I thought a pair of bracelets could be fun. She’ll know I’m thinking of her when I am wearing it during my travels. I thought about making Mr. Mug one as well, but I think he’ll be fine with a phone call.
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Craft Foam Heart Garland

I wanted to create a garland for Valentine’s Day decor, in the vain of my bat origami garland  – something that Mr. Mug might not be offended by from an aesthetics standpoint, and would be modern and fun at the same time. I am also a fan of the craft foam sheets you can purchase at Michael’s or similar. They cut so clean and there is something satisfying about working with them.
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Free Valentine’s Printable

It’s the end of January (wow), so Valentine’s projects will now commence. First up is a free printable I designed, using words from a song that my mom used to sing to me when I was little. I now sing it to Mini Mug, even though she’s starting to get annoyed when I do. Tough, kiddo. That’s one of the reasons we have kids, so we can embarrass them.
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